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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Taste of the Marianas 2008

All traces of the usually-quiet American Memorial Park grounds were gone and the whole place was turned into a beehive of non-stop activities as the 10th annual Taste of the Marianas International Food Festival and Beer Garden kicked off with much pomp on Saturday night.

The smell of the scrumptious and delectable food wafting from the different booths were enough to tantalize one’s taste buds the moment they step into the clearing which has been transformed into one huge village-type restaurant, and the visitors doesn’t need prodding to purchase tokens to avail of the wonderful spread all within their arm’s reach.

Here is one event nobody should miss. It’s that once-a-year affair when the island’s top chefs from the top hotels and restaurants go out from the confines of their kitchens and show themselves to the public to prepare delectable and affordable food.

It’s one of those rare nights in a year where locals, tourists and people from all walks of life rub elbows with each other and share in the fun and laughter as they sample and share the island’s diversity of culinary showcase.

Free entertainment from local artists and performers added sizzle to the festive event that is characterized by the unique warmth and hospitality in the island.

Guests had the chance to sample the widest array of local food and flowing drinks by hopping from stall to stall and partook of the specialties offered by this year’s participating vendors.

And for the night’s bestsellers:

Hyatt Regency Saipan: Chicken pajetas and the Shawarma, which made its debut to the island made an instant hit with the guests.

Aqua Resort Club: Beef Tinaktak, flat bread pockets with beef and Tinian hot peppers

3’s Hula Girl: Native delicacies and sweets

Ty & Tia: Pearl shakes, fruit mixes and chillers

Herman’s Modern Bakery: Double chocolate Oreo cake which disappeared in no time at all

Hafadai Beach Hotel: Barbeque, sushi and Oden, a Japanese delicacy consisting fish cake, raddish, eggs and garnish.

Pacific Islands Club: Banana crepes- fried banana rolled in lumpia wrapper and garnished with grapes, strawberry, cream and syrup.

Tony Roma’s Capricciosa: Pizza and rice croquette, a fried ball consisting of rice, green peas and stuffed mozzarella cheese dipped in savory meat sauce.

Saipan Grand Hotel and Fiesta Resort: Chinese and Korean combo

Thai House: Five choices of vegetable and seafood menu

D’ Elegance CafĂ©: Typical Filipino dishes and the ever-present pork lechon and dinuguan

Mariana Resort & Spa: Mixed serving of international taste from Mexican burritos, Chinese spring rolls and others.

World Resort: Tasty barbeque and other dishes

Palms Resort Saipan: Teppan-yaki and a set menu of three choices

Poon’s Restaurant: Chinese cuisine

Nothern Marianas Bartenders Association: Never-ending orders of all drinks, beers, Carlsberg, and Mangorita which for four tokens, you can avail of a tall, iced glass of fresh green mango juice with sugar and a shot of tequila.

Food lovers who flocked to have a taste of the local and international dishes and flowing drinks went home sated yet craving for more. The Taste of the Marianas is one of the much-anticipated events in the CNMI. The event is a chance to lose yourself in the “food and drink wonderland” for the four Saturdays for the month. Don’t miss it!