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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Online Pagan petition now has over 3,000 signatures

THE online petition that opposes using the island of Pagan as a dumpsite for Japan’s tsunami debris already has 3,161 signatures from supporters from Hawaii, Australia, the CNMI, Guam and the states.
The controversial proposal has apparently been abandoned already, but supporters of the petition are still aiming for 10,000 signatures.
The supporters of the petition said the remote volcanic island should be preserved to conserve its wilderness habitat for future generations.
They said Pagan is “sacred” and should not be desecrated with toxic debris.
“Land and soil to the people are precious and people have to protect their paradise,” they added.
They said the CNMI should “avoid the tragedy of Pagan falling into ruin” and that “no island should be turned into a dumpsite.”
The Facebook group “No to Dumping Trash on Pagan”  has already 4,446 members.
It states that Pagan has one of the best top soils in the Mariana chain and it should be used for agricultural purposes.
According to the petition, which is addressed to the commonwealth’s leaders,  the “uniqueness of the CNMI and its culture should be celebrated and protected, not desecrated with a wealthy country’s garbage.”
By signing the online petition, an individual shows that he/she supports protecting Pagan against the potential environmental impacts of leeching chemicals, loose debris, and sedimentation of the reefs and surrounding waters.
To sign the online petition or get more information, go to http://www.change.org/petitions/don-t-turn-pagan-island-into-a-garbage-dump or  http://savepaganisland.org.
To read comments and share your views or interact with other supporters, join the “No to Dumping Trash on Pagan” group on Facebook.
(First published at the Marianas Variety)