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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chasing butterflies

Thursday was one of those days which buddy Ferdie calls "bokya" at the CNMI Superior court. Nothing much went on, save for trials for small claims and traffic violations. I went out with a clean notebook, meaning I got no stories from there to meet my daily quota.
Waiting for the car to pick me up is one of the worst times I always experience in a day. You stay inside the court you freeze to death with the cold blast from the aircon. You wait outside you suffer from the blistering heat of the sun.

I decided to do a little of both , staying inside for a while, then going out to wait. Junhan and Raymond caught me running after butterflies and trying to capture them with my ever-reliable point and shoot Sony digicam outside the court.
I actually found chasing butterflies much more fun than running after lawyers in the lobby (although some of those serious-looking, attache case-carrying species are worth running after...lolololll) after each trial, snapping fotos of orange-clad defendants in handcuffs, poring over court records and digging up cases, not to mention pestering the clerks to have access to the files.
I envied the butterflies...no daily quota, pressures or deadlines to think of.