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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hotel intern wins hotdog eating competition

A 23-YEAR-OLD intern of Palms Resort Saipan received $50 for the hotdog eating competition at Taste of the Marianas on Saturday evening.

Joshua Cho bested 14 opponents, eating three hotdogs in less than the 15-minute time allotment.

Kai Shiano, 12, and a Chacha Oceanview Junior High School student, came in second and won a $30 prize.

Tommy Baek, a senior student of Marianas High School, placed third and received $20. Cho said he was “still hungry” after the contest.His “secret” was to drink as much water so he could swallow the hotdogs faster. Siano said that he was hungry before the start of the contest.

The competition was limited to 15 individual participants and all the contestants, majority of which were minors, had to sign a waiver from the Marianas Visitors Authority. The hotdog eating competition is a side event of the annual Taste of the Marianas event which runs for all Saturdays of May each year.

competition snaps

ewww, catsup dripping like blood

wolfing the hotdogs down

can i really finish this? uhh two more after this...


drowning the hotdog buns with water

alaehhh..the hotdog went straight to your nape?

i can do this...

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