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Monday, July 8, 2013

Cabang- Pilanca Big Bang comedy show a big hit

TWO popular comedians from Hawaii sent a well-packed house rolling in laughter in a two-hour show at the Hibiscus Hall of Fiesta Resort & Spa on Friday evening.
Kaleo Pilanca, one of Hawaii’s funniest comedians and emcees started the ball rolling with his jokes during the first half of the show. Pilanca, voted into the 2005 Top 10 Funniest people Hawaii on Rory Wild’s Count Down Hawaii did not fail to meet the audience’s expectations as he made clean fun jokes about the different races while claiming he is not a racist. 
Mel Cabang or Uncle Mel took the stage for the second half of the show and sent the audience into more laughter as he hit on the visiting navy soldiers from USS Momsen who were at the audience.
A comedian for the past four decades, Cabang made the Filipinos, Chamorro, Japanese, Americans and ‘the black guys’ the brunt of his jokes in the show and called on some navy sailors to participate in his stint. His technique of using a flashlight to seek out particular targets in the audience just sent everyone roaring in laughter.
The Big Bang Comedy Show Blowout Saipan, a Shimbros Production was hosted by the Marianas Pacific Distributors or MarPac as part of a string of activities events leading to the celebration of their 40th anniversary on September 14.
Beer flowed as the audience indulged and became livelier to the delight of the comedians.
Sponsors for the event were Bud Light, Docomo Pacific, Fiesta Resort & Saipan, IP&E and Tan Siu Lin Foundation.
LJ Castro was the event emcee. Marpac just finished the two-day concert with famous Baba-B two weeks ago. More activities are coming up as the main anniversary event draws near. Coming up next is Marpac’s golf tournament. For more information about upcoming events please call Marpac at 234-7113.