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Friday, December 18, 2009

Beauty in antiques

The economic crisis is no excuse not to enjoy the beauty found in things such as antique Fu Dogs & Qi store manager Marlon Regaton holds a Chaktra Tebitan singing bowl.collections and unique works of art.

On Saipan, one place to go to which holds a rare collection of antique objects is the Fu Dogs & Qi (pronounced chi) at the ground floor of the Marianas Business Plaza in Susupe. Step into the store and you will be transported into a totally new world, a world where antiquity and the beauty of art rules.
Paintings from 19th Century Japanese artist Hiroshige and other framed artworks hang on the walls, adding to the quaint atmosphere of the store. A long rack holding Japanese kimonos occupy one portion near the entrance.
Other Asian antiques come from China, Japan, Korea and Tibet. Many things were carried out of China and into Tibet.
Fu Dogs & Qi carries various displays of Asian antiques, art prints, textiles, and more. Check out the most popular products like the Jade/Sterling Silver Pendulum, Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls, antique Ming Dynasty blue & white porcelain charger, Qing Dynasty bronze figure 3-legged censer, vintage Qing Dynasty 18th Century Amber Dragon Phoenix vase, Breta Matson’s fused glass art, antique China Ming Dynasty Bronze Lotus Buddha incense burner, and a pair of bronze carving Foo Kylin statue.
Here is a store whose shelves display objects containing volumes of history, mute witnesses to events and people of centuries ago.
One set that caught my eyes is a China tea set which store manager Marlon Regaton said dates back to the early 1900s.
“These tea cups and saucers were handpainted and is one of the collector’s items here,” Regaton said.
He added that the store owner, Ashley Moffatt-Uys (Uys is pronouced “ace”) is an art consultant and interior designer who conceptualized Fu Dogs & Qi and made all the selections work together in harmony.
Wandering around the store, I got the rare chance to inspect several pieces of art made from precious metals, brass, bronze, many of which had been buried in the ground for years and years.
I felt stress slowly slipping away as I reverently caressed the beautiful treasures that have survived for several years. It helped me to appreciate the finer things of life even for just for a few moments.
If only the objects can talk, what stories they have to tell!
Moffatt-Uys coined the name Fu Dogs & Qi from Chinese phrases Fu Dogs, which means symbolic guardians of temples, and Qi, which means energy or “life energy that inhabits all things.”
Since they opened in November last year, the antique store has seen a huge number of customers consisting not only of tourists but locals, too.
Fu Dogs and Qi is offering discounts on several items everyday.
“We would like the people to enjoy art and bring these works of art home with them,” Regaton said.
He said that they are waiting for a shipment of beautiful and unique furniture to be added to the store displays very soon.
Still thinking of what to give a loved-one this Christmas? You can drop by Fu Dogs & Qi and pick up something that your loved-one will appreciate.
For more information, visit http://www.fudogsaipan.com or call 670 235-9996.

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