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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A sunrise treat at Marine Beach

FPhoto by Raquel C. Bagnolor nocturnal beings whose deepest and sweetest sleep starts just when the rest of the world is getting up, a sunrise is a rare treat, and living all the way up in Dandan requires you to really get up earlier if you are planning to catch the sun rise on the other side of the island.

We drove straight to Marine Beach in Kagman on Saturday just as pink and orange streaks were blotting the sky, slowly devouring the darkness. Only a few cars were on the road yet but we hurried on, passing Chacha Road and in no time we were on the sloping rough road before reaching Marine Beach.

I jumped out of the car even before it came to a complete stop in the parking lot, forgetting the tripod as I hurried to the beach. A strong wind was blowing, and I mean “strong winds” which threatened to blow me away effortlessly. Except for a couple of teenagers and a flock of birds who were scouring the shores for food, we had the whole place to ourselves

Alas, the sun was nowhere and in fact, dark clouds started to gather in the skies. Beginning to get discouraged, I turned my attention to the gigantic waves crashing on the rocks.

The sun was just maybe testing my patience for lo and behold, although it was not the full, round sun I’ve always dreamed of seeing, it was the sun just the same, slowly inching its way up from the horizon. I stood gaping, knowing that the moment would not last long. Before I knew it, the sun was already up in the sky and I’ve snapped just a few photos.

I found capturing the rising sun through the lens a real challenge. Twice last month I had sacrificed and groped my way out of the house before five o’clock in the morning to proceed to the Bird Island lookout where somebody told me “offers the best view of the sunrise.”

Both times we were disappointed because the sun refused to cooperate with our sleep-befuddled system. On the first morning, there was a slight drizzle, and on the second time dark clouds hang over the skies, blocking out any chance of seeing the sun.

What’s so special with a sunrise anyway? It arises everyday, we all know that but try catching those few precious moments when it makes its grand entrance into the world and you will witness one of nature’s spectacular wonders.

Marine Beach is not ideal for swimming because the current is so strong and the waves so high you would be swept out to sea any minute, but the place is perfect for hanging out.

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