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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting in shape fast with BodyPump

WOULD you like to lose fat and shape up your body real fast? Answering yes would require more than nodding your head to this question.
Nothing beats having a well-conditioned and healthy body, but you have to work at it and work at it hard, according to Gloribel Oro Tan, one of the fitness instructors at the Gold’s Gym.

Photo by Raquel C. Bagnol“If you are determined to tone and condition your body, try out BodyPump because it is the fastest way to shape up,” Tan said.
Tan, also an APEX Fitness Professional and Les Mills Certified Group Exercise instructor for both BodyStep and BodyPump said that BodyPump is the best starting point to develop strength as it is more focused on weightlifting.
“BodyPump is a one-hour session to get you in shape and it is both for males and females,” Tan said.
A mix of experienced and beginners comprise a typical class, but everybody can work in rhythm for the whole routine together, Tan said.
BodyPump requires the use of a step platform, a bar and a set of weights. Tan said that beginners should use the light weights first, then after a few classes they can then determine how much weight is right for them.
BodyPump Routine
The one-hour routine includes the warm-up where everybody uses only light weights to get the entire body moving. Next, the students will move on to the slightly bigger weights to develop the legs, chest and back. Development of the triceps, biceps and shoulders follow and this require only slightly bigger weights but as the students get stronger, they can then move on to medium weights.
The students will then move on to the abdominals to help support the core posture, before finally cooling down, a step which is important after a hard workout to stretch one’s muscles.
“The important thing to remember is not to overdo the weights but to work gradually and constantly until a student finds the weight that is right for him or her,” Tan said.
Beginners will usually experience muscle pain and soreness after the first workout but gradually, the body will get used to the exercise.
Tan said that as soon as you have your first session of BodyPump, a maximum of two or three classes a week and a one-day rest in between classes is recommended.
Anybody can do the BodyPump workouts at home, but working with a whole class inspires you to execute the routine along with the others in time with the music and the choreography.
“It’s different when you work alone than when you work with a whole class,” Tan said.
She added that the results of the BodyPump can be felt after about six weeks of continuous workout.
“As you gain more strength, your muscles tones will improve and you will start to notice fat loss,” Tan said.
Other students do back-to-back workout with BodyPump and BodyStep.
“This is a good combination because the BodyWalk is for cardio development,” she said.
Tan said that over the five years she had been teaching BodyPump and BodyStep, she has a good number of faithful students who are regulars in the BodyPump classes.
BodyPump classes are scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Saturday and from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday.
BodyPump students must wear comfortable workout clothes and gym shoes, and bring a drink, towel and the right attitude.
Tan said that non- members of the Gold’s Gym can use the gym facilities in one day and join classes such as BodyPump, BodyStep, Yoga, Spin Bike, Abs, Body Balance, Pilates, Cardio Strength and Tai-Chi for a $10 fee.
“We would like to encourage everybody to join the almost 200 individuals who visit Gold’s Gym to work out everyday, and get better health,” Tan said.
For schedules of the other classes, visit Gold’s Gym at Garapan Central Park, call (670) 233-4000, email goldsgym@saipan.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.goldsgym.com/saipanmp. For more information on BodyPump check out www.lesmills.com.
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