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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tinian company to launch locally made perfumes

BREAKWATER, the name of a locally made perfume, will soon make its way to the store shelves here and abroad as a local company gears up for the launching of its new line of products early in May.
Mary Susan Cruz, owner of Susan’s Creations on Tinian, said the new line of perfumes is ready for launching.
“We are only waiting to finalize the names, labeling and packaging but the products are ready,” Cruz told the Variety yesterday.
She said  the local perfumes they will be launching are manufactured using local products.
“The perfumes will initially be in 10 different ‘flavors’ and they are not only competitive with the leading brands but also affordable to the local market,” Cruz said.
Launching the new perfume lines, she added, will hopefully add more exposure to Tinian and the CNMI islands.
“We will be selling the perfumes to our international markets, to tourists and to online customers along with all our other products,” Cruz said.
“These perfumes will carry something of the CNMI islands in each bottle — from the name, the flavor and the packaging,” Cruz said.
With this new product line, they hope to tell the world where Tinian and the CNMI is.
“Tinian and the CNMI are only known for their roles in World War II.  We want to give the world something else to think about our beautiful islands,” Cruz said.
The new perfume line will be launched by the last week of April, and will be on the store shelves by the time Tinian celebrates its town fiesta during the first week of May.
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