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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tribal Theory draws over 500 to ‘Home Coming 2’ concert

TRIBAL Theory, the reggae band based in San Diego, California, left the island yesterday after performing for a crowd of 500 during the “Home Coming 2” concert at the Fiesta Resort & Spa beachfront on Saturday night.
Rob Travilla, founder/creative director of Salbahe Brand, said the concert was a huge success.
On Saturday, the concert started at 7 p.m. with Guam’s ukulele player extraordinaire Ryan Imamura, and his father, Troy Imamura.
Saipan’s Tom Basa Jr. performed next, followed by one man band Marvin Deleon Guerrero, 15 Rootz, Ben the Human Beatbox and then Tribal Theory which brought everyone to their feet until 11:30 p.m.
Travilla said the group had a good time here.
“They did some water sports on Sunday then took a little tour of the northern part of the island, sight seeing and viditing historical landmarks and also swam at the Grotto,” Travilla said.
Tribal Theory did an “encore performance” at Poseidon Bar in Garapan on Sunday night.
“Tribal Theory commends the island and the people for the awesome hospitality and great food,” Travilla said.
Over 400 concert tickets were sold at Boarderline Surf & Skate and Docomo Pacific as well at Fiesta Resort & Spa on the night of the event.
Last year, Salbahe Brand and Betelnut Radio brought Tacoma, WA’s Island Trybe.
“Please stay tuned as we bring more bands from the mainland to entertain the people of the CNMI,” Travilla said.
The Tribal Theory concert tour was organized by Salbahe’ & the disFUNKshunal LaFamilia, Betelnut Radio, Budweiser/Marpac, and United Nesia.
“We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our event. We will work hard to continue to bring the islands top-notch entertainment,” Travilla said.
Event sponsors included Docomo Pacific, Tan Siu Lin Foundation, Power99, KMMNWLTH Stars & Stones, Mestisu Visuals, Fiesta Resort & Spa, KKMP 92.1FM, Boarderline Surf & Skate Shop, Budget Car Rental and Poseidon Bar.

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