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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Visits Saipan via Skype

ALL eyes were glued to the huge screen as the Skype ring tone reverberated in the American Memorial Park Visitor Center theater on Saturday afternoon.
Cedrick the Magician from Tinian was trying to contact Santa Claus in the North Pole while the audience waited. After a few seconds, Santa’s jolly face appeared on screen and he greeted everyone with his booming laughter. He said he was on his way to Saipan.
Cedrick the Magician impressed the young and not so young audience and had everyone mesmerized for 45 minutes as he performed on stage.
Cedrick, 20, is one of the backstage hands for the SandCastle Magic Show at the Hyatt, and it was his first performance in public on Saipan.
Cedrick’s Magic Show culminated with the arrival of Santa Claus. Chilren and adults got the chance to have their pictures taken with Cedrick and Santa Claus in the Visitor Center lobby after the show.
“I was a little bit nervous at first but after the first few minutes, I began to relax and was happy to see the audience enjoying the show,” Cedrick said.

Cedrick is the fourth of seven siblings. Cedrick’s mother Joji, a teacher of Grace Christian Academy on Tinian, said she had never watched any of Cedrick’s shows before.

“His father always comes with him but this time, I decided to come out and watch. I was more nervous than he was during the first few moments of the show but later on, I started to enjoy it,” Joji said.
She wanted Cedrick to be an engineer, but added that their family will always support him in his endeavors.
Cedrick’s father Conrad Libut said: “Doing magic is what he wants, and we are here for him.”
Cedrick became interested in the world of magic at 9 after he watched a special TV marathon show titled “World’s Greatest Magic.” He devoured every episode and decided then and there what he wanted to do in life — magic.
He now performs for various occasions such as birthday parties, baby showers, cocktail parties or even business get-togethers.

Cedrick the Magician also performed during the Brilliant Star School bazaar at the multi-purpose center on Dec. 9. For more information, call 789-9197, email contact@cedrickmagic.com or visit http://cedrickmagic.com.

First published at the Marianas Variety

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