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Thursday, July 4, 2013

(My Marianas) Today’s parade to highlight 68th Liberation Day celebration

Published in the July 7, 2013 issue of Marianas Variety

IT’S here again, that one day in a year where all roads lead to the festivities grounds as the CNMI celebrates another Liberation Day. Follow the beating of the drums and it will lead you to the Civic Center grounds in Susupe today.
Join the thrill (and agony) of trying to find a parking lot and find your space along the road sides as the Liberation Day parade passes by.
Each year for the past decades, the much-anticipated July 4 parade has always been the highlight of the celebration, a crowd-drawer for thousands of locals and visitors to the islands. Government groups and agencies, private organizations showcase their talents and skills in a once-a-year show where you get a taste of everything with an island twist in one setting.
This morning, make your way to the Civic Center in Susupe early as to grab a prime spot to watch over 30 groups and floats join the Liberation Day parade at 10 a.m. from Gualo Rai and all the way to Susupe. Be there and watch the Liberation Day queen with her royal court and their escorts.
Bring your cameras and video cameras to capture and preserve the colorful moments and action as the CNMI pays tribute for the 68th year to those who have risked their lives to protect the country’s freedom.
2013 Liberation Committee chairman Vicente Camacho said during the opening of the 2013 Liberation Day festivities on Saturday evening that ‘freedom does not come free’ and today’s celebration is to instill this sentiment to the community for those who died for the country’s freedom.  
For those of you who didn’t install tents, you can bring beach chairs and umbrellas to watch the parade from any vantage point in the roadsides, or follow the parade as they make their way to the festival grounds for a final showdown in front of the stage set for dignitaries.
Follow the flow and make today a must-not-miss event. Explore the Liberation day festival grounds and get your fill of local food and drinks, or buy trinkets to bring home from the vendor’s stalls that have participated in the event.
See you at the Liberation Day festival parade and grounds today!

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