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Thursday, January 24, 2013

(My Marianas) Water sports for your pleasure

(Published in the January24, 2013 issue of Marianas Variety)

ASIDE from popular diving in the CNMI, the numerous water sports are among the most popular attractions that lure tourists to come here from all parts of the world.
For a tropical destination surrounded by water, there is so much to do here, even if you don’t want to do anything. Saipan’s beaches are the places where you can sit in the sand or a beach chair and spend the day just staring into the blue waters watching the clouds chasing each other across the vast skies and breathe in the salty sea breeze.
If you get off your comfortable perch, step on the warm waters and start to explore, the possibilities are endless. Numerous sports activities await you—activities that would make you craving for more.
Saipan’s tour agencies offer various water sports like windsurfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, boat sailing, canoeing, surfing,— name it and you have it here. On a windy day and you will see people from all parts of the world riding the waves windsurfing between the Micro Beach and Managaha, the best place to catch the northwest winds.
If you don’t want to get wet, you still have the option of going underwater and watching the bountiful marine life aboard the submarine and experience the whole thrill.
Five minutes away, Managaha Island waits for anyone who wants to experience the bliss of what it feels to go parasailing and see the Saipan lagoon from over a hundred feet up, plunged into the water up to your neck and tossed back into the skies as the boat pulls you around the lagoon.
Get the thrill of a lifetime on board one of those banana boats you see at the Saipan lagoon which is good for the whole family in the Saipan lagoon anytime on a sunny day. The fun and fear of the banana boat making a sharp twist and you all have to jump into the water adds to the thrill; or the joy of walking underwater for the Aquawalk. Beginning divers can also try the scuba diving at Managaha, get crash courses in diving and go straight into the water for an underwater experience.
For those who wants to go fishing, Saipan has a lot to offer in sports fishing, trolling and deep sea fishing. Get in touch with some of the tour operators who offer these adventures and get into the excitement of reeling in fresh catch from the sea—mahi mahi, tuna, marlin, barracuda, wahoo and other kinds of fish.
All these water sports and more are just additional attraction to the rich historical sites that the CNMI has to offer to visitors.
 The next time you are in Saipan, Tinian or Rota, or if you are here already and haven’t booked any plans, don’t forget to include the CNMI’s beautiful beaches as your playground.
For more information about Saipan, Tinian and Rota attractions, please visit www.mymarianas.com or call the Marianas Visitors Authority at 664-3200.

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